Founded in November 2012, Usizo Construction Consultants provide expert project and contractor-focused construction management services to Emerging and Small Medium and Micro Sized Enterprise (SMME) Contractors, Sub- contractors, Property Developers, Project Consultants and Private Individuals.

Our services focus on the implementation and use of fundamental construction and project management principles for effective planning as well as efficient cost and resource management. We can provide the Contractor: hands-on expertise, professionalism and dedication which will enable us to understand the Contractor’s business needs and provide solutions that Empower the Contractor to get the job done.

We take it upon ourselves together with the Contractor to jointly assess and study the project’s requirements, thus ensuring that we provide adequate guidance during the early stages of our involvement on the project. This ensures that the assessment equals the need for our service and that the project is adequately recorded in detail and consequently efficiently managed.

Our method of using fundamental “project management” principles and combining them with sound construction management expertise enables us to effectively deliver when undertaking projects.

Our aim is to understand the Contractor’s obligations, align these with the project’s specifications and statutory compliance to produce a construction management methodology that can effectively assist to deliver the required facility. This alignment enables us to cement the relationship between the Contractor and the Professional Team to motivate them to timeously administer information and other essential processes.

Through the development and use of tried and tested construction management tools, we endeavor to ensure that the Contractor is provided with an accurate representation of their project, and that it is presented in a professional and quality format.

Construction Management is a method of project delivery, which utilizes the expertise of construction industry professionals to manage, coordinate and control all aspects of the building process. It involves the application and integration of comprehensive project controls and relies on knowledgeable personnel with building, design and management skill to expand the Contractor’s capabilities thus ensuring that the project is successfully delivered.
The method ensures the project Owner’s increased involvement on construction matters by bringing the Contractor closer to the Professional Team. Use of a Construction Management Consultant improves stakeholder confidence in the potential success of the project. This enhanced confidence grows out of the ability of Usizo Construction Consultants to provide experienced personnel who can provide advice and recommendations